Ninja the One Eyed Cat


Perfection has little to do with fact, it can easily be argued that it's the imperfections, the unique attributes of a being that make it noticeable, that make it admirable...

That make it beautiful. 

I met and fell in love with a cat a couple weeks ago when I was photographing and him and his fur-moms for their Christmas card. When I came into the house, he was naturally terrified of me...and sprinted up to the upstairs bedroom to cower beneath the bed. I wasn't offended. I'm 12 times his size. 

Calmly, with a non-verbal apology in my body language for how I smelled and looked and sounded, I followed him upstairs and introduced him to my camera. Eventually his terror transitioned into cool indifference...and I only admired him more. 



Ninja is a cat with well-defined tastes and a strong sense of self. His favorite things in the world are chin scratches, his little brown bunny, and the sound of a tuna can being opened. 

Several years ago, when he was a scruffy little guy living with one of his Moms in California, he got into a scuffle with another cat in the house. The scuffle led to an infection that would eventually take his eye. But, Ninja never let a little thing like perfect sight hold him back. Soon after, he made the cross country trip with his Mom and moved to New England. 

He's obviously much more suited to the cool calculated cucumber temperament of Massachusetts than to the laissez-faire absurdities of Californ-i-a. 


Ninja will love you, Ninja will deign to approve of your existence, Ninja will be mad if you try to pick him up. 

He is a cat who knows what he wants. And I adore him for it. 

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