Thank you to Chris Wilson, Sally Hurley, Ashley Stevens, and Jocelyn Anderson for being my patrons.

To Scarlet Letter Press for being my printer.

To Kevin for being my go-to for all things creative and technical.

To Rhonda for being the first to let me photograph her pigaroos.

Pre-Order the 8x10 Alice’s Pigventures in Wonderland Wall Calendar! 

Pre-order the Alice’s Pigventures in Wonderland Calendar!

All original photography and artwork from me, Joey Phoenix!

Pre-orders are $18, once I get them printed, they will go up to $20.

If you want me to ship them to you, choose ship it to me at checkout and make sure you put in your address and email. I will send around a notice when they’re ready.

Alice's Pigventure's in Wonderland Calendar
from 18.00

Alice the guinea pig has fallen down the rabbit hole and come across many of her friends!

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