For Love of Animals

The reason I chose to become a pet photographer was to show the world just how wonderful pet ownership can be (and to hang out with more adorable animals, of course). Listening to pet parents talk about their pet and light up whenever they mention their pets' name is such a joy to me. 

And yet, not all pets having loving homes.

There are millions of homeless pets all over the country who have been the victims of neglect and abuse. While pet portraiture is something I love, helping these dear souls is something I cherish much more. 


Volunteer Work and Experience: 

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What Salem Pet Photo Offers as Volunteer Services: 

Foster Services for Small Animal Rescues/Shelters

Animal Event Photo Coverage for Non-Profits and Animal Shelters

Pet Portraits for Animal Shelters

Social Media Assistance for Animal Shelters

Pet Photo Sessions as Raffle Donations 

Writing Services for Animal Shelters 

Fundraising Event setup/Assistance 

Promotional Photography for Wildlife Sanctuaries



Portrait Sessions


The team at Salem Pet Photo will come to your shelter or rescue and photograph adoptable and fosterable animals. 

Joey is a certified member of HeARTS Speak International and has access to resources that will help the animals in your shelter get adopted fast.