"Our Oliver is a Black & Tan Cocker Spaniel puppy and it has been so difficult to take really good photos of him. We could never get the details of his black hair and he is so energetic that it is nearly impossible for him to sit still. Joey was able to accomplish both. Both the posed photos and photos in motion came out so beautifully! The time spent with Joey was so much fun. Joey was able to work with the craziness of Oliver and I believe Oliver had a great time as well." ~Kim - Gloucester, MA

Jack Pawkins




"It's been a delight to work with Joey Phoenix on two recent photoshoots—one for my guinea pig, and the other for my horse; that is, one for my prince, and the other for my princess. Joey has a rare gift that sets her apart from other pet photographers I’ve worked with, in that she sees the animal as her equal, and not her subject. With patience and the quietest of confidence, Joey observed my animals, and in a short amount of time captured their loveliest, most telling moments on film. Her shots reveal more than just outer beauty, but the shine of their souls--the very essence of who they are, and who I am when I’m with them." ~Rhonda - Reading, MA





"Salem Pet Photo did a wonderful job photographing our 13 year old cat, Basil and also while at our house captured a few photos of our two dogs. Not only were the images beautiful and really powerful of Basil, but working with Joey was great - she was super helpful, worked around our schedules, and really gracious and kind with our pets. Such a fun experience! ~Jill - Salem, MA





"Joey was great! She came to take pictures of our lab, Lincoln. Although Lincoln is eight years old, she acts as if she's eight months old. I e-mailed Joey to ask if she thought she could handle such a rambunctious dog. She assured me that she could. When we finally met (I had some scheduling issues that Joey was very accommodating about) Lincoln was even more hyper than I feared she'd be. I came armed with treats and a ball, but she was still really excited and I was worried that she would look like a maniac in all the photos. Joey was great with Lincoln. She was patient and creative in trying to find different angles and backgrounds. She never got (or appeared anyway!) frustrated or flustered. The pictures we got are fantastic! She provided me with a great selection of photos, capturing different aspects of Lincoln's personality. I would recommend her to anyone!" ~Jess - Salem, MA


Pepper and Daisy




"We recently had the pleasure to work with Joey to photograph our two little shy bunnies. Our bunnies can be a little anxious around people and Joey was so patient and great with them. She really takes the time to capture their true spirit. The photo shoot was so much fun and we were truly thrilled with the photos, which are absolutely beautiful. We will cherish them forever and would definitely recommend Joey to anyone looking to photograph their furry loved ones." ~Dontie and Ryan - Peabody, MA


28 (1).jpg



"Joey photographed my 3 1/2 old mini Aussie pup. She was very professional and patient with her. My pup was a bit hyper, and Joey managed to still get some great photos! I would highly recommend her and use her again for future photos!" ~Sarah - New York, NY






"This is my baby. His name is Chase. Chase is silly, joyous, cuddly, gentle and kind. He is more than a dog. Chase is our family. He is better than any person I have ever met. I love that these pictures show him with the big goofy smile that wakes me up every morning, with that waggy tongue that licks my face clean to start the day, and yes then I go wash it. He has brought such happiness to our life, more than he could possibly know. But that's his job. He's just a dog. Thank you Joey Phoenix. I could not have hoped to have captured his spirit and light so beautifully." ~ Michelle